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Blacksmith Brainiac

Learn metalworking techniques, gain proficiency in jewellery design, and acquire blacksmithing skills to become a jewellery blacksmith.

Budding Beader

There is so much you can create with gemstone beads from earrings to necklaces and once you have mastered the basics there are no limits to what you can do.

Gemstone Goddess

We pride ourselves with providing you with genuine, ethically sourced gemstones and guiding you through their origins and how to work with them.


Knowing where to start can be the first challenge with starting any new hobby, our hints and tips page is packed with short videos to get you started.

Silver Clay Superstar

Sometimes called precious metal clay, this soft, malleable clay is fired after forming to create long lasting precious metal jewellery.

Wirework Wonder

Wirework and wire wrapping enable you to make an array of jewellery with fewer tools. You can use wirework with both beads and cabochons.

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