Join us this weekend for a gemsetting event like no other. You don’t need to be a master metalsmith to set these four exclusive cuts, designed by our in-house gemstone experts! Our talented guest designers will teach you four completely different gemsetting techniques, so be sure to tune in and learn something totally new.

Cold Connections – Sahl Cut

“I will be attempting a new type of tension and rivet cold connection setting. It's bold, chunky and contemporary in style. The setting uses copper and sterling silver together.”

Claw Semi–Mount – Senary Cut

With the fun challenge of creating a setting for the unusual hexagon shaped Senary cut, I started by sketching ideas for a new mount to compliment the stone. This led to a statement basket style with claws that allow light to enhance the colour and cut of the stone.”

Argentium Wirework – Efflorescence Cut Cut

“When I am designing a new setting for a new cut of gemstone, I start with the gemstone and look at how I can maximise that design. With the Efflorescence Cut, I wanted to make the most of the travel of light passing through to make the most of the amazing cut keeping the setting as minimal and clean as possible.”

Prong Tube Setting – Polka Cut

The high dome on the top creates a playful but elegant look, allowing a kaleidoscope of brilliance back out of the gem as you observe it moving about on the hand. Join Claire Macdonald as she sets this beauty with her prong tube setting technique.