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Gems and beads are essential parts of any jewellery making kit, adding style and interest to your pieces. Here at Jewellery Maker, we stock a wide range that is perfect for many different types of jewellery; from multi-packs of affordable beads to exquisite strands of sapphires and garnets.

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Whether you want to create a fully beaded bracelet, or simply add a gemstone to a pendant as a finishing glamorous touch, you’re sure to find something within our collection to suit your needs. Throughout history, beads and gems have had symbolic significance within many cultures and traditions. Across the world, beads are believed to have healing and spiritual powers, as well as having a number of different religious connotations. Beaded jewellery is also particularly prevalent in certain cultures, and is often worn during special occasions and ceremonies. Gemstones have also held importance throughout the ages, and are just as popular within jewellery today.

Beadwork is a part of jewellery making that is a skill in itself. A traditional craft that has been modernised, it is now used to create many beautiful works of art, from abstract sculptures to contemporary jewellery. There are many techniques within the art of beadwork, from loom and off-loom weaving, bead crochet and stringing, to bead embroidery and bead knitting. We stock a range of beads for this purpose, as well as smaller packs of beads and gemstones that are ideal for adornment.

Gems and beads are incredibly versatile materials to work with when making jewellery. Adding delicate gemstones or beads can give your handmade jewellery a premium touch, and also allow you to personalise your pieces more. At Jewellery Maker, we offer a wide variety of must-have beads and gemstones. Bugle beads, seed beads and faceted beads are all popular options, and can be threaded on singly or stacked together for a statement look. For a more luxurious finish, your jewellery can be embellished with precious gemstones. These can include pretty stones such as pink opals and peach moonstones, or more striking and vibrant stones such as sapphires. With smokey quartz, black onyx, moonstone chips, amethyst pears and baroque pearls all also available, the variety of looks you can create is endless.

Whether you are a complete beginner at the craft of beadwork or have been beading for years, our stunning selection of gems and beads will certainly enhance your collection. What’s more is that all of our beads and gems are 100% genuine and ethically sourced from all over the world so that you can purchase your beads with confidence.

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