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Skill Level: Basic
jewellery making hints and tips

How to create Red White & Blue Polymer Clay Jewellery

Learn how to make jewellery using polymer clay

Learn how to make jewellery using polymer clay

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Step One

Cut equal parts of each colour of clay and work into balls


Step Two

Roll out each of the balls of clay into snakes in approx equal lengths


Step Three

Holding each of the snakes together and twist them forming a spiral


Step Four

Then roll the twisted spiral into a snake


Step Five

Fold in half and twist it again and roll into a snake. Keep folding and twisting until you are happy with the look of the mix (the more you fold and twist the grainier the end result will become


Step Six

When you are happy form the mix into a cube shape. Look at each side and decide which edge you prefer, place this edge facing upwards


Step Seven

Flatten out the cube and roll out evenly to approx 2 - 3mm thick. Using cutters cut out shapes for a pendant and earings. Add a hole using an awe tool for adding jump rings and shepherd hooks


Step Eight

Place the piece's onto a ceramic tile or clay baking tray and following the manufacturer's instructions bake the clay in a preheated oven at 130c for approx 30mins. When cool findings can be added to make a suite of jewellery


Final Piece

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