Skill Level: Beginner


How to create a beady bead

You Will Need:

12 beads of your choice and some beading thread or monofilament. For the purpose of the tutorial we have used large 8mm beads but beady beads are generally made with smaller beads.

beady bead

Step One

Thread on 3 beads to your chosen thread and on 4th bead cross the thread through the bead in opposite directions.

Step Two

Add another bead to each side of the threads and with the next bead cross over the threads in opposite directions.

Step Three

Repeat step 2 until you have used all 12 beads.

Step Four

Bring the threads over and cross them through the very first bead.

Step Five

Pull the threads tight and thread through the following 3 beads until they meet and tie of with a surgeons knot.

Step Six

Thread through the following adjacent 2 beads and snip off excess thread.

beaded bead tutorial step 1
beaded bead tutorial step 2
beaded bead tutorial step 3
beaded bead tutorial step 4
beaded bead tutorial step 5
beaded bead tutorial step 6
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