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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a graduated chain

graduated chain

Step One

Bend the 1.00mm wire around the 7th circle shape on the mandrel until three wires’ pass each other making a double jump ring.

Step Two

Snip the two sides of the double ring leaving a full ring in the centre, using the flat side of the flush cutters snip both outer sides where they meet. Make single jump ring on the 7th circle of the mandrel.

Step Three

Gently fold out the double jump ring so that it looks like an ‘S’ shape, hammer these jump rings

Step Four

Join the single jump ring to the ‘S’ shape ring with a few wraps of 0.4mm wire.

Step Five

Using the multi-size mandrel, make a selection of ‘S’ shapes in graduating sizes and join them together with 6mm jump rings until you have your required length of necklace.

Step Six

Add a clasp with jump rings. You can embellish the bottom of the ring with small beads and 0.25mm wire to make the feature shown.

graduated chain tutorial step 1
graduated chain tutorial step 2
graduated chain tutorial step 3
graduated chain tutorial step 4
graduated chain tutorial step 5
graduated chain tutorial step 6
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