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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a fancy wire wrapped pendant

beady bead

Step One

Using round nosed pliers position them close to the end of one 3 inch length of the 1.0mm wire and make a loose coil. Then thread on a gemstone.

Step Two

Place the round nosed pliers on the other end of the wire and repeat a loose coil; this will create an s shaped coil with a gemstone sandwiched in between.

Step Three

Repeat step one and step two with two other 3 inch long pieces of 1.0mm wire to make a total of three similar s shaped coils.

Step Four

Using the 0.4mm wire, begin to wrap two coils together where the coils meet. Wrap the 0.4mm wire around both 1.0mm wires approximately 5 times to secure, make sure the wraps do not overlap. Do not cut the wire at this stage, move to another area and continue to wrap and join all three S coils to create the pendant.

Step Five

All three S coils are now secure with wire wraps. Take your flat nosed pliers and squash each wire wrap to flatten. Take your flush cutters and trim the wires close to each wrap and hide the ends of wire by tucking in and squeezing with flat nosed pliers. Add a jump ring to both sides of the pendant so a necklace chain can be added.

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