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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create Paper Quilling Earrings

holly paper quilling earrings, a perfect stocking filler

Step One

Insert the end of a red piece of quilling paper into the slot at the top of the quilling tool, then keeping an even tension wind the tool down to make a tight coil.

Step Two

Add a dab of glue to the end of the paper and allow to dry before sliding the tight coil off the tool.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have 3 red coils.

Step Three

Repeat step 1 with a green piece of quilling paper but release the tension of the coil before glueing the end and sliding it off the tool. Repeat this until you have 3 loose green coils.

Step Four

Pinch either side of each of the green coils to create your leaf shapes, then position and glue them together.

Now repeat steps 1-4 to make the other earring and allow them both to dry completely.

Step Five

Using flat nose pliers, flatten out the end sections of the ribbon cord ends and bend the top loop forward a little so the jump rings dont catch against the paper.

Step Six

Glue them to the backs of your quilling design so they are hidden from view.

Step Seven

Attach a jump ring to each of the ones already on the ribbon cord ends and attach long drop earring findings to the jump rings to complete your quilling earrings.

Step Eight

Now you will have the perfect stocking filler gift.

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