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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a sari silk pearl bracelet

sari silk pearl bracelet

Step One

Thread on a selection of pearls and toggle clasp to your beading thread and finish with a single crimp to ensure the pearls do not fall off.

Step Two

Place the toggle clasp securely in the macramé board

Step Three

Take the sari ribbon and place it under the beading thread so that both lengths are even on each side. Take the left hand ribbon and pass over the beading thread, bring the right hand sari ribbon over the left and pass under the beading thread and up and through the loop that has formed from the left sari ribbon. Pull up tightly to the clasp. This is the half square knot. Continue with another 2 half square knots making sure you use the left side ribbon each time.

Step Four

Push up a pearl after completing 3 half square knots.

Step Five

Cut off excess beading thread leaving approx 2 inches to work with. Thread on a crimp bead and the second part of the toggle clasp and crimp, cover with a crimp cover and knot off the sari silk to secure.

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