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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a Wow Factor Necklace

wow factor necklace

Step One

Cut approx 1M of beading thread fold it in half, thread on a jumpring and pass both ends of the thread through a crimp bead. Secure with crimping pliers so that the jump ring and crimp are central on the two threads. Add a crimp cover if desired.

Step Two

Add a 12mm round Bead by passing one thread through it from left to right, and the other thread from right to left. Pull tight and ensure the bead sits centrally as close to the crimp as possible.

Step Three

On each thread add a spacer, an 8mm bead and another spacer, then pass both threads through another 12mm round Bead in opposite directions to create a loop of gemstones.

Step Four

Repeat Step 3 until you have used all 15 of the 12mm round beads then pass both threads through a crimp bead, then a jumpring and back through the crimp - Don't close the crimp yet.

Step Five

Cut the ball off a featherweight headpin feed it through a turquoise pair drop and bend the wire up on both sides so they cross over at the top.

Using round nose pliers grip the wires where they cross over and bend them over the top in opposite directions to make a loop.

Wrap the tail ends around to complete the wrapped loop, repeat this for all of the pear drops.

Step Six

Take a normal headpin, cut the ball off the end and make a small loop, thread on a spacer an 8mm bead and a corner drilled square bead. Finish it off by making another loop at the other end. Repeat this so you have six double ended Eyepin connectors.

Step Seven

Now make four double ended Eyepins with just a corner drill square on each, and five double ended Eyepins with just an 8mm round bead on each. Lay out the connectors to match the image of the completed necklace.

Step Eight

Take a 0.5m piece of beading thread and feed it through the 12mm bead at the end that is not crimped, now pass one wire back around the 12mm bead and out through the crimp bead. and secure it was crimping pliers and a add a crimp cover. Feed the remaining thread through the spacer bead and the 8mm bead, then thread on two more spacers followed by one of the dangles and another two spacers before passing it up through the next 8mm bead along.

Step Nine

Continue adding all of the dangles in the same way until you get to the end, weave the left over beading thread back through the last 8mm, spacer and 12mm bead and a few of the other beads to secure it snugly in place, trim off any excess.

Step Ten

Using the jump rings secure a length of chain to either side of the design and attach a bolt-ring clasp to complete the necklace.

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