Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create chandelier findings

chandelier findings

Step One

Cut a piece of twisted wire approx. 20cm in length. Hold the round nosed pliers in the middle of the wire and form a loop by bringing the wire around the base of the round nosed pliers.

Step Two

Make two more loops each side of the first loop by measuring approx. 1cm away from the first loop and directing the wire away from the first loop and winding around the pliers, as seen in the picture. You will now have three loops.

Step Three

Bring both ends of the wire together and measure approx. 2cm up from the loops. Twist one end of the wire around the other to secure. Trim off the wire you have wrapped.

Step Four

Take the other wire and form a loop using the round nosed pliers, and wrap to secure. Trim the wire to approx. 2cms in length.

Step Five

Holding the end of the wire by the tip with the round nosed pliers begin to coil the wire. Change to the flat nosed pliers and continue to coil the wire to make a decorative feature. There should be a small hole in the centre of the coil and this will allow a jump ring through so you can dangle a gemstone inside the finding.

Step Six

Here is an idea for a pair of earrings using this technique. It can also be incorporated into a necklace design.

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