Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create a fancy finding bollywood necklace

fancy findings bollywood necklace

Step One

Arrange 6 gold chandeliers into a flower shape making sure they're all the same way up and start to bind them together with featherweight Headpins. Trim off any excess wire once each section is secure.

Step Two

Bind all the centre loops together using Featherweight Headpins and secure your 8mm bead over the centre to hide the wire work.

Step Three

You can now attach chain to any of the outer loops of the flower shape using Jumprings. You can attach and detach them until you have a design you are happy with.

Step Four

Add a final flourish by adding two dangles to the centre most loop at the bottom of the flower shape, and attach your 4mm beads to the ends using normal Headpins to create wrapped loops.

Step Five

Attach your toggle clasp using Jumprings to complete your necklace.

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