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How to create a hair vine

Learn how to make a bridal hair vine with JewelleryMaker.

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions followed by the accompanied photos and you could create something outstanding that any bride would love to wear. This elegant Hair Vine will add sparkle to any bridal look you may have in mind. Celebrity brides such as Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys both wore elegant hair pieces on their wedding day and this style seems to be a great way to add personality and style to wedding hair. Why not create a hair vine with a special bride in mind, make it unique by using different metal colours or incorporating different gemstones to compliment the brides bouquet, and dont forget to share your designs on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages.

Step One

Cut approx 230cms of 4mm wire, find the centre and make a loop by placing in your round nose pliers and making a few twists.

Step Two

Add a pearl and place in position on the wire so that you have enough length to do a tiara style twist. Hold the pearl between your thumb and fore finger and twist.

Step Three

Twist the central lengths of wire together a few times.

Step Four

You will now find you have one length of wire longer than the other. Using the longer length thread on a Swarovski bead and making sure you have enough length to tiara twist hold the bead between your thumb and fore finger and twist. - Repeat step 3

Step Five

Find the longer length of wire again and add on 5 chips leaving some length of wire hold the chips between your thumb and fore finger and make a tiara twist. - Repeat step 3

Step Six

Repeating steps 2 to 5 continue to work checking you are using the longer length of wire as you go. The beads can be used in any combination as you wish. Continue working until your vine is the length you desire. Ours is approx. 15cms long.

Step Seven

When your desired length is reached make a wrapped loop to finish. Use 2 hair clips through the loops at each end to attach to your hair.

Create a bridal hair vine
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