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How to create a Swarovski Christmas Candle

Create a Swarovski Christmas Candle

Learn how to make a Swarovski Christmas Candle.

This week was all about the JM Christmas Craft Fair, teaching you tips and tricks to successfully selling your merchandise at Craft fairs! We have been getting you in the festive spirit with tutorials and demonstrations to create stunning decorations, gifts and accessories essential for Christmas. This week’s hints and tips tutorial is to make a stunning wirework and Swarovski candle wreath. The combination of siam red, emerald green and gold Swarovski beads is the perfect colourway for Christmas! This decoration can re vamp a basic candle turning it into a gorgeous centre piece ready for this Christmas season. With the addition of frosted snowflake crystal beads, you will create a truly special, sparkly decoration. Have a go at creating your own and don’t forget to share it with us via social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

To create the base of the vine to wrap around the candle. Cut 4 x 80cm lengths of wire. Bend all 4 lengths in half, grip the wire at half way point with the round nose pliers, then twist the wire around the prong of the pliers to form a neat loop. Keep the two sets of wires separated.


Step Two

Working with one set of 4 wires, twist then around twice, thread on a small gold crystal on one of the wires, push up to the end then twist all four wires 2 or 3 times to trap the crystal. Thread on a small green crystal, (does not matter which wire) push up to the twist then twist all the wires 2 or 3 times to trap the crystal. Do the same with a small red crystal. You will need to have approximately ½ cm gap between each crystal.


Step Three

Using the same method of thread and twist, add the following to the vine base; Large gold, large green, large red. Large gold, large green, large red (center crystal). Large green, large gold, large red. Large green, large gold. You will need to have approximately 1cmm gap between each large crystal. Next thread and twist a small red, small green and a small gold crystal, with ½ cm gap between.


Step Four

Twist the 4 wires around twice to trap the last crystal, the grab the 4 wires with round nose pliers. Bring the wires around the prong to form a neat loop. Wrap the wires back around the vine base then trim.


Step Five

To make the 'Tiara Twist' stems cut 10 x 30cm lengths of wire. Take 1 length and thread on to half way point, a snowflake crystal. Bring the wires down and twist 4 times.


Step Six

Take the right hand wire, thread on a small green crystal, take the crystal to 1cm from the stem, fold the wire over and twist down to the stem. Then twist the 2 end wires together 2 – 3 times.


Step Seven

Separate the left hand wire and do the same as in step 6 using a small red crystal, then the right hand strand with a small gold crystal, then left wire with a small green crystal. To finish the stem twist the wires to the end.


Step Eight

Make another stem using a snowflake, small gold, small green, small red then small gold.


Step Nine

Using this 'tiara twist' method make another 4 stems (2 of each design) of graduating designs. 10 stems in total as in the picture.


Step Ten

To construct the vine take one of the snowflake multi crystal stem, place on the vine base, pointing down, just above the last crystal branch, on the left hand side of the center large red crystal. Wrap the stem around the base 3 times and trim. Do the same with the other snowflake multi crystal stem, the other side of the center red crystal, this time pointing upwards.


Step Eleven

Attach all the stems in descending size, mirroring right to left, alternating up and down.


Step Twelve

Take the 4 loose wires and neatly wrap around the vine in the gaps between the crystals to hide the stem wraps. Trim the excess at the end.


Step Thirteen

Take the head pins and trim 1cm off each end. Thread on a small gold crystal. Put 1 through the left hand end loop and pin into the candle near to the top.


Step Fourteen

Wrap the vine diagonally around and pin the other end about half way down.


Step Fifteen

Repeat all these steps to make another vine and pin in the same way underneath.

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