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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a turquoise wire wrapped cab necklace

Create festive statement earrings

Learn how to make a turquoise wire wrapped cab necklace.

Pinch, punch it’s the 1st of the month. December is a wonderful time of year where we can enjoy making, wearing and sharing special, unique jewellery. We are extremely lucky to have the option of three beautiful birthstones this month, Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon. This week’s Hints and Tips tutorial will teach you how to make an intricate turquoise necklace. The phenomenal detailing of the rose gold wire work around the cabochon creates an intense contrast between the rich, warm hues of rose gold against the vibrant, ocean turquoise cab perfectly. Accompany with a rose gold chain to complete the necklace. Feel free to experiment with different wirework patterns and cases for the turquoise cabochon to create your very own personalised birthstone necklace. Don’t forget to share your creations with us via social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Step One

Straighten and cut 2 lengths of 1.0mm wire approx 30cms long and working with the 0.2mm from the reel if you can. Holding all three wires together securely wrap the 0.2mm wire around the bottom 1.0mm length two times making sure the 0.2mm wire ends going through the middle of the two 1.0mm wires. (Please note we have used Bronze 0.4mm wire for the purpose of the tutorial pictures).


Step Two

Now wrap the 0.2mm wire twice around the top wire.


Step Three

Keeping the tension tort repeat wrapping twice around each 1.0mm wire creating a figure of eight weave neaten as you go by pushing the weave down the wires until you have a 12 to 12½cm length or a length long enough to wrap around the cabochon you are using.


Step Four

Using round nose pliers create a loop in each end of the 1.0mm wires so they will sit flat on the back of the cabochon.


Step Five

Holding the loops flat on the back of the cabochon and pressing down securely with your thumb gently wrap the weave around the cab across the front of one end.


Step Six

Continue to wrap the weave so that it crosses the centre of the back.


Step Seven

Then across the front of the other end.


Step Eight

Bend the working wires to a 90-degree angle at the central point at the back of the cabochon and part the wires to form a V shape.


Step Nine

Continue the figure of eight weave to fill the V shape approx 1½cms the bend the wires back in to meet each other and continue the weave filling in another 1½cms to complete a diamond shape (this will form the bail).


Step Ten

Continue to wrap a coil around one wire until you have approx a 9½cm length.


Step Eleven

Slightly bend the woven bail section forward and using bail nose pliers position them in the centre of the woven bail section and bend the bail weave around the pliers creating the bail.


Step Twelve

Using the uncoiled length of wire wrap around the base of the bail 1 or 2 times to secure in place, trim the excess away.


Step Thirteen

Using the coiled length of wire wrap around the base of the bail 2 or 3 times covering the first wraps.


Step Fourteen

Trim the coiled wire and push the coil back a little so a loop can be made at the end to embellish the front of the design. Add to a popcorn chain or chain of choice to complete the necklace.

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