The Opal belongs to the Mineraloid family. The translucent whites, greys, blues, pinks, blacks provide a kaleidoscope of colour. Opals are considered to alleviate stress and depression. Bringing balance to the body’s energies.

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Derived from the Latin word ‘opalus’, meaning precious jewel’, this gemstone is considered the birthstone of October. Traditionally said to bring love, health and luck to the wearer, this stone has a long history dating as far back as ancient Roman times. Myth has it, the Greek god Zeus was so happy that he defeated the Titans, his tears of joy turned to Opals as it hit the ground. Commonly associated with loyalty, faithfulness, purity, hope and confidence. With a wide variety of colour types in one stone, some societies regarded opal as the most powerful gem. Said to withhold the powers of all the other stones because of its rainbow colouring effect.

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