Peridot is a type of silicate, one of the few occasions where it’s one and only colour is green. It’s colour is due to the formation process and presence of iron trace within the gemstone.

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From the Latin ‘paederot’, signifying a kind of Opal, Peridot is widely accepted as the birthstone of August. This beautiful transparent olive-green gemstone was openly regarded as the ‘Gem of the Sun’. Found inside volcanic lava and meteorites that have fallen to earth, this precious gemstone is said to have healing qualities. Due to its characteristic shine, this stone has also been labelled as the ‘evening gem’ due to its ability to shine under both natural and artificial lighting. Its natural greenish like exterior is said to provide the wearer with good harmony, health and peacefulness. Protect against negative energies and ease anger and jealousy. Today there are five major sources of Peridot. New Mexico, Arizona and Burma to name a few, are all providing fine produce of this glorious gemstone.