This aqua like gemstone belongs to the Zoisite mineral family. The popularity of this gemstone has meant that in the early 2000’s it was added to the list of Birthstones.

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This exclusive stone can only be found in one place in the world. A region near the vast Mount Kilimanjaro. This luxurious blue velvet gemstone was accidently discovered by Maasai herders tending to livestock, who noticed a blue shimmer in the rock face. Its name was quickly adopted from its country of origin, Tanzania. Adored around the world, this gemstone earnt the nickname ‘the gemstone of our generation’. Considered rarer than diamond due to the fact it can only be sourced from one place in the world, this makes it difficult to predict the price and availability of Tanzanite in future years. Some experts believe the mines in which it is sourced will be depleted within 25 years. Birthstone to those born in December, Tanzinite is highly believed to signify truth, dignity and longevity.

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