Belonging to the quartz mineral family, beautiful shades of purple and violets can be seen in this gemstone. Commonly believed to enhance spiritual awareness, inner peace and healing.

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Derived from the Greek word ‘’ametusthos’’, meaning ‘not intoxicated’ this violet coloured quartz gemstone is considered the birthstone of February. A symbol of courage and strength, historically reserved for members of royalty. Amethyst would be used to forge crowns and scepters. Known as the ‘Gem of Fire’ or ‘Stone of Sobriety’, this stone is believed to behold powers of energy, passion, creativeness and help leaders with their decision making, reducing many forms of indulgence Still to this day you can make a direct correlation to members of Royalty and this beautiful rich violet purple colour. Ancient Greeks and Romans would drink wine from studded goblets shrouded in Amethyst, believing they could drink all night long and remain sober. Amethyst found religious meaning within the Catholic community where Bishops would wear Amethyst rings. This is where the act of kissing the ring came from, thought to protect not only the wearer but the person who kissed the ring all day long.

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