This light tone blue gemstone belongs to the Beryl mineral family. Due to the nature of its transparency, light easily passes through allowing it sparkle wonderfully.

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Derived from its Latin name meaning ‘seawater’ this Beryl gemstones offers shades of blue, green and transparent. Described as perfectly soothing in look and texture, this popular gemstone is considered the birthstone of March. Romans would wear Aquamarine when travelling the sea’s, believing this stone would offer the wearer protection and safety to their final journey. In ancient lore, Aquamarine was considered the treasure of mermaids, protecting travellers of the sea from dark forces. This crystal has been known to be used during meditation to provide soothing thoughts, help with the release of anger and stress. Claims suggest the wearer will benefit from better health, improving your eyesight help deal with glandular disorders. This gemstone has captured the hearts for hundreds of years, and is still widely received as a wedding gift to celebrate an anniversary.

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