Ways to Watch

Jewellery Maker is live every day and there are a
number of ways you can watch us


Watch us live every day from 8am-1pm
on Sky 674 and Freeview 72.

Mobile Apps

Watch JewelleryMaker on the move with our app on your mobile phone or tablet. Using the JewelleryMaker app on your phone, you can choose whether to watch the live video or use the app as a companion to your TV and get quick access to full product details, images and reviews. Turning your phone to the side will let you watch full screen.
On your tablet, you’ll always see the video, and can switch between watching in full screen or with the full product details and a smaller video by pressing the resize icon at the top of the screen.

TV Apps

Looking for other ways to watch us on TV?
Watch us on Apple TV, Android TV and Roku app!


We stream the show on our homepage as well as on the ‘Watch Live’ page, where you can shop the products featured on the show or send a message into the studio.
You can find out what shows are coming up or catch up on past shows on the ‘Programme Guide’ page.


We stream the show to our YouTube channel. And, if you missed a demonstration or want to watch it again, you can catch up on YouTube too.
On the JewelleryMaker YouTube channel you will find all of our past shows.
We also have a JewelleryMaker Tutorials YouTube channel bringing you plenty of handy tips and tutorials from our jewellery making experts.