Ways to Watch

We want our customers to experience our exciting live auction shows first hand!
You can watch JewelleryMaker broadcast live on your mobile phone or watch from anywhere in the world via our YouTube channel. Anyone can watch our channel from anywhere in the world via our website and app.

Online Streaming

You can stream our channel - from where ever you are in the world via the live auction page on our website which also includes our deal-of-the-day, pre-order and just missed items.

Mobile Apps

Now it’s easy to watch our shows when you’re on the move, or use alongside your TV to view more information. Using the JewelleryMaker app on your phone you can choose whether to watch the live video or use the app as a companion to your TV and get quick access to full product details, images and reviews. Turning your phone to the side will let you watch full screen.

On your tablet, you’ll always see the video, and can switch between watching in full screen or with the full product details and a smaller video by pressing the resize icon at the top of the screen.

TV Apps

Prefer the TV experience but would like the interaction of the app? With our Apple TV, Android TV and Roku apps you can have both!

Other Ways to Watch

We stream JewelleryMaker TV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Youtube. As well as streaming live to our international customers, our Youtube channel offers heaps of gemstone content, documentaries and behind the scenes footage and more.