The only gemstone to be made out of one single element (carbon), and also categorized as the hardest gemstone available. This stunning gemstone is simply timeless!

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Arguably the most popular gemstone of them all, Diamonds truly are considered the forever stone. The characteristics of Diamond are said to relate to those born in the month of April. Strong, beautiful, courageous and tenacious to name a few, these traits resonate with the zodiac sign Aries. The formation process of Diamonds are as impressive as the result. Formed over the course of 3 billion years under intense heat and pressure, found deep within the earths mantle. Diamonds are still known as the most natural hardest substance to human kind. The cutting of diamonds is believed to have originated in Venice Italy around 1330. Though it wasn’t until the mid 1400’s a diamond was given as a symbol of engagement. Worn on the 3rd finger of the right hand, due to a specific vein that travels from this hand to the heart. This has since been debunked and today you will find them worn prominently on the left hand. Exchanged as a symbol of love and commitment on your Wedding Day. The spiritual properties of Diamond are believed to detoxify the body, delivering balance and clarity in its abundance to the wearer.

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