With beautiful autumnal colours this gemstone can be dated as far back as 3,500 BC. These stunning reds, browns, yellow, greens and purples make it a very versatile stone.

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Garnet originates from the Latin word ‘granatus’, translation ‘’pomegranate’’. Despite this beautiful gemstone being available in a variety of colours, this reference pays homage to its most common colour red. Linked to elements of the season, fertility and rebirth, this made the Garnet gemstone appropriate to the month of January, and the perfect choice for this birthstone. With deep rich tones, like that of a fine red wine or previously mentioned sacred fruit, this gorgeous gemstone has found uses as far back as the bronze age. Mummified Pharoah’s of ancient Egypt were discovered wearing studded Garnet necklace’s inside their tombs. Believing they could take their most precious gem with them into the afterlife. Moving forwards, the Romans too would fall in love with this gemstone. Worn by nobles, merchants and people of significant importance. Garnet would later find religious meaning for Jewish people, who believe this gemstone was worn by Noah to light his lantern during the dark days of the flood, and also King Solomon, who is said to have worn Garnet jewellery into battle. The Garnet is considered to be a purifying stone and is commonly believed to rid the mind and body of toxins. Bring forth positive karma and enrich your life, awaken change and release tension to its wearer.

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