Jewellery making is both creative and enriching, enjoyed by hobbyists and professionals alike. For those who enjoy creating, making and designing their own pieces of jewellery, it is certainly a rewarding pastime that can produce exquisite results.

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Here at Jewellery Maker, we have a fantastic range of jewellery making tools and equipment, meaning you can create jewellery that is totally unique to you with ease. There are many elements needed in jewellery making, with one of the most essential parts being the additional components that join your pieces of jewellery together; the jewellery findings. Findings come in various shapes and sizes for a selection of different purposes, designed to suit your jewellery whether you are making necklaces, bracelets or anything in between. From jump rings and headpins to crimps, findings are both practical and designed to finish off your jewellery pieces beautifully. Here at Jewellery Maker, we offer a wide variety of jewellery making findings, so that you can design and create whatever jewellery you wish to.

Jewellery findings are certainly an integral part of jewellery making and are likely to be a basic requirement for most of your projects. If you are working with wire, it is likely that you will need crimps to complete your designs. Crimps are small metal beads or tubes that are flattened to hold beads onto the wire, or allow you to attach a clasp that will close the end of your bracelet or necklace. As well as crimps, we have a selection of clasps available in a variety of designs to enhance the final piece of jewellery you have created. From lobster clasps to toggle clasps, these findings are essential to your jewellery craft and are a practical necessity for bracelets and necklaces in particular.

In addition to a selection of clasps, we also stock jump rings that are designed to hold different materials together. These form the foundations of many jewellery designs and many jewellery makers find them essential when used with chain work in particular. We have a number of different jump rings available in a range of sizes and colours, meaning you can pick the jewellery finding that best suits your designing and making style. If you are making charm bracelets, necklaces or earrings, our headpins and eyepins are particularly ideal. Exquisite when used in beadwork, they are fantastic for connecting two jewellery components together and are particularly useful for giving your creations a neat and tidy finish.

If you are looking to stock up your jewellery making kit, or would like a little more variety, we have a number of assorted kits with an array of essential findings included for plenty of choice when adding to your collection. Jewellery that you have created over time with care deserves to be finished off well, and our collection of high quality findings will help you complete your adornments to a professional standard. Our collection is not only for the jewellery making hobbyist but perfect for professional jewellers and students learning the art of jewellery making too. Discover all kinds of useful materials and methods to help you finish, repair and embellish your creative work with our range of jewellery findings to suit all your styles and designs perfectly.