Autumn at Chestnut Close - By Mark Smith

Inspired by the Autumn Season, Mark's exclusively designed Chestnut Close range consists of 6 pendants. These are beautiful pieces to add to your collection or gift to someone special. Mark's passion for crafting and designing Jewellery really shines through with this stunning collection of new pendants, whilst infusing his passion for nature and wildlife.

We couldn’t be happier to receive Mark's next installment to his Chestnut Close range. Shop this wonderful collection from Thursday 29th September.

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Autumn at Chestnut Close - By Mark Smith

September Frog

Symbolising growth, good fortune, and prosperity the frog has taken up residency in many of our gardens. Having been on the planet for 350 million years and with 6000 species, the frog entices us to search our inner feelings and to “jump” over all obstacles in our way.

October Bat

Known as the “Guardian of The Night” the bat is a common sight in the skies of dusk. Living up to 30 years and living in social groups the bat is a sensitive and nurturing mammal... very much misunderstood.

November Squirrel

Coming from the Greek translation, “Shadow Tail” the squirrel is a playful animal, always on the go, never resting. The animal known to climb the highest branches, talking to the sun, and retrieving messages from the gods.

September Anemone

Known as “Wind Flowers” and related to the buttercup the Anemone teaches us to look forward to the future where better things are waiting for us. With open petals during the day, it closes them at night, bowing its head to protect itself from dew

October Dahlia

Known as the “King of The Garden” the Dahlia comes in a myriad of colours, sizes, shapes and heights. Symbolising elegance, strength, eternal love, and dignity and is the traditional flower of the marriage proposal.

November Poppy

In Flanders Fields the Poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row That mark our place and in the sky The Larks still bravely singing, fly”.