Gem Pursuit

You can collect the sterling silver Gem Pursuit badges, worth £20 each, by purchasing selected products between Tuesday 17th-Sunday 22nd August.

How to Collect the Badges


Explorer Badge

To claim your ‘Explorer’ badge simply purchase 5 or more selected kits shown on air.


Discoverer Badge

Your ‘Discoverer’ badge will be added to your order if you purchase 5 or more selected on air gemstones.


Connoisseur Badge

If you purchase 5 or more of our selected PREMIUM gemstones shown on air you will collect the ‘Connoisseur’ badge.

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Terms And Conditions

Purchases will Watch JewelleryMaker between 8am-5pm on 17th-22nd August for further details of the products, products will need to be purchased on the day they appear on air to qualify.
*T&Cs apply. Offer is valid between 00:00 17/08/2021 and 23:59 22/08/2021, 1 of each badge per customer and while stocks last. Badges will automatically added to qualifying orders.