Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create an Autumnal Necklace

autumnal necklace

Step One

Make a wrapped loop at one end of the 6" piece of 0.8mm wire and thread on the pendant so that the loop sits under the widest end.

Step Two

Cut approx 1m of beading thread, pass it through the loop and feed on 18 seed beads to each side alternating colours as you go.

Step Three

Bring both threads to the top of the pendant and feed the left hand thread through the last bead you added to the other side. Now do the same with the right hand thread but make sure one of your threads passes in front of the 0.8mm wire, and the other passes behind it before tightening.

Step Four

Bring both threads up and add a bead to each one then repeat the cross over technique from Step 3.

Step Five

Add 21 beads to each thread alternating colours as you go. Pass the wires through the loop at the bottom of the pendant in opposite directions, then add one more bead and cross the threads over in opposite directions through that too.

Step Six

Add 24 beads to each thread alternating colours as you go and do the cross over technique at the top as before.

Step Seven

Add on one more bead to each thread and do the cross over technique again.

Step Eight

Feed a crimp bead onto the top of the 0.8mm wire, then pass both threads up through the crimp bead. Secure it in place with crimping pliers and trim off any excess beading thread.

Step Nine

Make a wrapped loop at the top (ensuring it is a big enough loop to fit onto the necklace collar) and wrap the tail end over the crimp to hide it.

Step Ten

Thread the pendant onto the collar band to finish the necklace.

autumal pendant tutorial step 1
autumal pendant tutorial step 2
autumal pendant tutorial step 3
autumal pendant tutorial step 4
autumal pendant tutorial step 5
autumal pendant tutorial step 6
autumal pendant tutorial step 7
autumal pendant tutorial step 8
autumal pendant tutorial step 9
autumal pendant tutorial step 10
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