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Making your own jewellery can be an inspiring and creative outlet, especially with the wonderful selection of materials and mediums that are available to the modern jewellery maker. Our extensive collection of findings, beads and jewellery making tools & DVDs have been carefully selected to ensure that all the essential materials needed to create stunning pieces of jewellery are available.

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Our collection of high quality jewellery making tools include an exciting assortment, including heat mats to protect your work surfaces, jewellery maker tote bags to store all your tools and steel blocks and hammers to create new designs within your wirework, amongst a multitude of other essentials. Alongside these jewellery making essentials, we also stock a large range of jewellery making pliers. As every jewellery maker will know, pliers are an integral part of jewellery making and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Flat nose pliers are likely to be your staple tool that will assist you in opening and closing jump rings, along with various other techniques that are needed to make jewellery. Round nose pliers are perfect for bending and shaping wire, whilst wire cutters are essential in making clean cuts in your wirework projects. With such a fantastic selection of jewellery making tools, you’re sure to find the right implements for your needs.

As well as jewellery making tools, we have an extensive library of DVDs to improve your skills and jewellery making techniques, with master classes in everything from wirework to the art of learning Kimihino. Our jewellery making DVDs are a fantastic reference point for all your creative projects, especially as you can follow the hints and tips whilst fashioning your jewellery at the same time - so you never miss a step! They are also great for inspiration if you enjoy the craft of jewellery making, but want to try something new or are looking to develop your existing skills.

Combining our wonderful selection of jewellery making tools and DVDs is the perfect way to progress your skills in this popular craft. Whether you are a jewellery making novice in need of the basics or are a skilled jeweller looking to update your existing craft supply of essentials, we have the perfect selection of jewellery making tools to suit your needs. Find new ways to enhance and embellish your necklaces, bracelets and rings with our incredible selection of jewellery making tools, made not only for the jewellery making hobbyist but perfect for professional jewellers and students too. All of our essentials tools, materials and mediums compliment each other so well that you will find all that you need at Jewellery Maker to create your wonderful adornments.

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