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Meet Guest Designer Mel Green

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Meet Guest Designer Mel Green

Hi Mel, can you tell us a little bit about you and your history in jewellery making?

I have always been artistic and loved crafting. Starting with wire work and chainmail, I quickly developed a love of all different types of mediums. I am self-taught in lots of different techniques that I love to bring together into truly individual pieces. When I discovered JM it opened my eyes to and fuelled my passion for precious gemstones and I now have an ever growing collection!

What’s your speciality when it comes to jewellery making?

I am always evolving my skills and enjoy bringing techniques such as needle felting and quilling in to my jewellery.

How long have you been in the jewellery industry?

I have been making jewellery for over 15 years, starting with the occasional craft fair. In 2014 I joined English Country Crafts selling pieces amongst other Arts, Crafts, Antiques and Collectables.

Do you have a day job?

I run my own pet care company, Auf Wiedersehen Pets, looking after a whole range of animals from dog’s and cats to pigs, chickens and even a number of reptiles. I have been known to hand feed baby snakes, take in wild hedgehogs and administer meds through a tiny syringe to save a hamster.

Tell us about your favourite moment on JewelleryMaker?

My favourite moment was bringing my needle felted autumn animals to air in October 2020. Because of my love of animals, being able to bring them to life for my DVD launch in the form of Badger and Mole and sharing the process was a great moment. I just loved their clothing and individual personalities!

What first piqued your interest in jewellery making?

I was running my pet care business and one day went to pick up a dog, Monty, for a walk. I walked in to my client’s kitchen to find a table full of beads, cords and pieces that I now know as findings. I was intrigued as there were finished pieces as well as work in progress of jewellery she had been making. This sparked my interest and I started experimenting.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery in your personal collection?

A sterling silver charm bracelet that I had in my teenage years. It’s got 15 charms that I collected or was given that hold a lot of memories! Having been born in London I have a Tower Bridge charm, a tortoise as I grew up with one as a pet and a cuckoo clock that symbolised my trip to Switzerland.

enter image description here

What is your favourite piece of jewellery you’ve ever made?

My favourites is my needle felted African scene necklace, as it is a place I would love to visit one day to do a Safari!

enter image description here

What do you enjoy the most about being on JM?

I get to make jewellery as a living! It’s great to work with amazing materials and I enjoy the challenge of designing and making new pieces every time a new kit arrives at my door.

It exciting to be in a creative space and the support and interaction from the viewers is really inspiring.

If you were an animal, which would you be and why?

I would be an elephant! I have always loved elephants and their maternal nature reminds me of my Mum. I am social and love being with my family, looking after everyone and playing with my grandchildren! But I wish my memory was as good as theirs!

Where can we follow your future adventures?

You can find me on:


Instagram: Midnight Flare Designs

Finally, what advice would you give to someone starting out in jewellery making?

Have fun, experiment, play with different mediums and don’t be too hard on yourself! It takes time to learn and build you own methods, likes and dislikes so don’t be to critical and just enjoy the process.

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